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Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome (DES) is a condition that results from insufficient tears on the surface of the eye. This may be the result of lack of production of tears, excessive evaporation of the tear layer, and poor tear quality. Symptoms of DES include redness, a dry feeling, irritation, gritty sensation, and even excess tearing. Excess tearing may result from the reflex production of tears due to the dry sensation in the eyes. However, these excess tears do not have the right quality to properly lubricate the eyes.

dry eye syndrome njEvaluation by your eye doctor may include special “staining” eye drops, which adhere to unhealthy cells on the cornea caused by DES. Your doctor may also measure the amount of tearing using specialized strips of paper.

Treatment may include eye drops, punctal plugs, and/or special treatment to the eyelids for co-existing conditions such as blepharitis (hyperlink).

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