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intacs corneal implants                        

Intacs® corneal implants provide a unique new option to improve vision and defer a corneal transplant in most patients. Intacs are indicated for the correction of nearsightedness and astigmatism for patients with keratoconus, where contact lenses and glasses no long provide suitable vision.

For those keratoconic patients who are contact lens intolerant, Intacs corneal implants offer a less threatening option than a corneal transplant. Most physicians would prefer to delay a corneal transplant – to make it the option of last resort. Intacs corneal implants make this a possibility by improving functional vision, and possibly delaying the need to for a corneal transplant.

The goal of the Intacs procedure is to provide the keratoconic patient with the ability to achieve improved functional vision with contact lenses or glasses. In the few Intacs patients who later had a corneal transplant after having the Intacs procedure, their transplants were completed without any complications.
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